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My name Anna Michelle Kapstad. I’m 26 years old and I’m currently studying Multimedia Design at Noroff, in Norway. Because it’s a web-based program, I have the opportunity to travel to some of my favorite places in the world (!).

I’ve always been interested in the world; how it works, and the people in it, and when the time came to choose what to do after high school I decided to pursue a bachelors degree in Human Geography (Samfunnsgeografi in Norwegian). The degree was on the relationship between people, social systems and physical structures, and how social, cultural, financial, and political regulations and processes affect how people act.

After finishing the program I realized that I needed to try a different direction, one that I had put off for a long time, and finally needed to allow myself a go at. Being creative is something I love – it’s fun, energizing, and it awakens my spirit time after time. So, after almost thinking the idea to death I started to crave some kind of future in design, and ended up applying for the course I’m doing now.

This blog is my tool to really dig deep and lift the process of learning to a new level. On it I can reflect on the different tasks we’re given, and present the process by which I completed them. My goal in doing this course is to have improved on my design skills, and hopefully I’ll be able to look back onto this blog and see my progression as my understanding of this visual art form evolves.

I’m anticipating that this diary will be beneficiary in my learning process in many different ways, but I also hope that you as a reader will feel inspired as you browse through the various thoughts and images I publish throughout the year.




2 thoughts on “About

  1. Tor-Even Vågheim on said:

    Herlig Michelle..! Stå på.!

  2. fantastic Michee, love to see your creativity! Deb

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