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Packaging Part 2

This is the second part of this weeks learning activity, PACKAGING (for part one click here.) Catch up on what the assignment is all about here. And for the making of the BROCHURE, click here.

In my last post I wrote that I was going to do a make-over of my brochure design, and here it is:


I chose a cleaner look by taking out the pictures and doing all the illustrations in the same graphically drawn style. And I mixed it up with a darker background on half the pages.

On to the Learning Activity..

Step 3 of the learning activity:

Design: Now design your packaging properly, using any design application of your choice (or a combination of e.g. Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator). 

(I used illustrator)



The last step is Presentation: Make a life-size mock-up of your final design and take photographs of it.

I bought some recycled paper and made myself a brown paper bag. Easy.


Then I went to the printers and found out I had really not thought my design through properly… I wanted to print my package design out on a sheet of this recycled paper (not from the roll, but I bought recycled A4 sheets) and stick the A4 on the bag. Simple plan. Oh wait, not really, because I had conveniently forgot that WHITE isn’t an option for CMYK on brown paper. And I had included a bit of it in my design…. So when I was at the printers I changed the colour to a light grey thinking that was really clever..but you can’t fool CMYK. I went home thinking I could paint the white on, but it didn’t look great. So I cheated and photoshoped one of my mock-ups. But all but one of the collage of pictures below my PS edition are the real deal…You might be able to tell from the volumes of tape I used.



Thats it for this week.

This is whats happening next week:

Week 4: Design a point-of-sale, photograph all elements together, make a professional presentation and write the report.





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One thought on “Packaging Part 2

  1. Eiris on said:

    Tøft! Liker veldig godt stilen din 🙂

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