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Problem with the server….?

Those of you who clicked on any of my website links lately have probably encountered an issue….

I wish I could tell you what the problem is, but my skills are pretty limited here. I checked out a few of my classmates websites and I can’t seem to enter theirs either, so I can only presume that there’s a technical hiccup with our server. (??)

I’ve been pretty busy trying to update my “visit sandefjord” site, but my moment of pride for my work just hasn’t surfaced. I had to call it quits and be happy with the handful of neat tips and tricks I’ve picked up from my, for now, fruitless experimenting. (I just found this 30 Days to Learn HTML and CSS course recently. It’s online and free, so I might just go for it.)

On to this weeks learning activity:

Now that you have built and tested your website, I would like you to market it. Let’s say that your budget is NOK 10 000 (or 1800 $ US). Please do the following:

  1. Do some research on what advertising costs. You could for instance contact your local newspaper, print shop and other websites.

I looked at the prices for advertising in Sandefjords Blad, and found that for 10 000 kr my banner ad would be shown 31250 times via the regular web newspaper, and it would get 33% of all “ad-time” for 6 days via the mobile format. 

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.49.57 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.50.21 PM

2. Make a detailed list of how you would market your website. Remember to keep your budget in mind. What if you had double the budget? Come up with a second marketing strategy, this time with NOK 20 000 at your disposal. (3600 $ US).

I would look into either hiring a SEO, or figuring out how to optimise my website myself.. It all depends on the cost, and since SEO’s rarely give you a package deal price up front (without actually giving them your URL for a free quote..) I can’t know for sure. But I would at least need to save a SEO strategy for my $3600 budget..or just cross my fingers for a miracle.

I could try advertising on facebook or spotify. These are good places because they link my ad to people who are the right fit for my business. Neither Facebook nor spotify will give me any set of prices unless I contact them directly, but it would definitely be worth my time when the time came to actually advertise my site.

Realistically, if I were to advertise my own website I would go through Facebook, and ask friends if they would also share my site on their page, or their blog. Creating a Facebook page, and asking friends to like it would also be a good way to get my website out there. I would also create some kind of video promotion, post it on at least youtube and vimeo, and clearly link it to my site.

I could make a few different posters and hang them up around town, and hand out flyers and stickers to friends to put on their fridges or books or whatever.

If my budget was doubled, I would spend my $3600 on t-shirts, posters, and other merch, as well as a few days of advertisement on the mobile issue of a newspaper and a few thousand hits vis their regular web issue, as well as promoting my site using the “word of mouth” strategy through facebook, blogs and so on.

3. Come up with a viral idea. It doesn’t have to be a video; it can be guys dancing at the airport in gorilla suits. You can use ANYTHING that is at your disposal. Be creative!

I would invite everybody I knew to a great big party, have some of my friends do some singing and dj-ing, have a dance-off, and hand out (website promotional) give-aways all night long. And of course give away prizes for the various competitions. And then I would have a video made from the evening, to promote the tour we would do around the world. YEW!


That was it for now,


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2 thoughts on “Problem with the server….?

  1. Hei! Jeg prøvde akkurat å komme meg inn på min nettside uten hell, og da så jeg blogginnlegget ditt, så takk takk! Da trenger jeg ikke lure lengere på at om jeg gjør noe feil, men det er sikkert noe med serveren 🙂

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